December 14, 2021

Poker Chips Value

By Pro1

Poker chips worth

Those, who play poker card video games, understand the fact that gambling establishments use unique poker chips instead of money at a table. These are round tokens, looking like coins of 39 and 43 millimeters (respectively, the radius of the chips is 19.5 mm and 21.5 mm). Other formats are considered unique and are not popular with common gamers. Chips of poker with a size of 39 mm can be found in a routine poker set, in an elite gambling establishment, or a popular poker club – any place they like to bet and play table video games utilizing chips. It is really convenient to perform a range of tricks with tokens of 39 mm – this is the requirement for techniques from all over the world.

Poker chips value

Poker chips (used in poker Texas Hold ’em, for instance) are different in their colors. The color of a token “tells” an expert about the chip’s worth. Standard denominations of them are as follows:

  • White poker chips at all poker tables are $1 for each token;
  • Pink – $2,5;
  • Red – $5;
  • Blue – $10;
  • Green – $25;
  • Black – $100.

Nevertheless, these are basic values of these tokens. The finest poker chips are very pricey, and they are utilized in a “big play”. Typically, gamblers, who run the risk of making huge bets, offer with them. Here, also colors tell just how much cash is paid for this or that token. For instance, yellow might cost a thousand, light-blue one – 2000 USD, and brown is 5,000 dollars.

What are these chips made of?

Chips can be found in various weights: 7, 11, 5 and 14 grams. And naturally, they can be decorated in various ways. A stunning and heavy piece will include sophistication and atmosphere to a party. For the product used in production, timeless poker chips can be divided into 3 primary groups:

  1. Plastic – they are really cheap, light and not distinguished;
  2. Composite – the most common group of these tokens– they have a metal core that is covered with plastic or a special mix of clay and plastic on the top;
  3. Ceramic – chips used by expert gambling establishment gamers. These tokens are made of clay with state-of-the-art artificial materials.

The most costly chip used in a poker game was made from pure gold, platinum, and diamonds. This chips’ set rate was about 7 million USD.

Can a gamer get chips to play poker for complimentary?

In a timeless land gambling establishment, he can not get this stuff until he is a special client, which gambles there frequently. In this case, totally free chips are a type of a present for him. Definitely, this is likewise a gambling establishment technique – typically, when a gamer gets a present like this one, he plays in a gambling establishment costs a lot more money than he would pay for these poker chips at poker near me club.

Social casino gamers get complimentary chips if they play poker there. As a guideline, this is a certain number of tokens each 4 hours (the time can differ). The higher the level of a gamer, the more frequently he gets these tokens.